This little cutie has been on my wish list since since the pattern was first published!
The MOO MOO pattern by Melly & Me is a very cute little bull softie that is a great size for a baby/toddler. With baby in mind, you way want to swap the button eyes for felt + safety eyes which is an easy change. The small-toys kit includes both for you to choose from.

My favourite features of this design are:

  • The patches on his back – these give you an opportunity to include extra colours and have some fun with shapes if you like.
  • Those droopy ears + horns! Must be a bull, but you could totally skip the horns and add some udders if you wanted to make a really girly cow.
  • The wide legs give this little guy a very stable base. Easy to stand up on a shelf or for a little one to stand up the right way during play.



I was happy to see diagrams were used on a few of the construction steps to help you visualise what was going on. This was needed in a few places to really get what was going on.


As usual, each step in the instructions includes a paragraph of details. This gives the reader lots of info to complete each step.


Alternative options are given for particular steps so the maker can choose what suits them best.


I wanted to stick to a boyish fabric for this little guy (given his horns). I ended up picking this jagged chevron look in brown/blue/green from my stash. For the nose I wanted something similar but different, in a contrasting colour, that was plain enough the nostrils would stand out. Tall order, but the stash never disappoints! The grey geometric blender was great for our little bull nose.

I’m using the small toys kit which includes all the stuffing, felt, buttons and bits needed to make the MOO MOO. Kit available here at the den. All you need to add is your chosen fabric. I’ve chosen 2 fat quarters, but used less than half of the fabric.

Pattern + kit sold separately.



When making toys I feel these go without saying, but I do want to say them anyway before you start.

  • Use a short stitch length to avoid popping seams when stuffed firmly.
  • snip into the seam allowance of all concave + convex curves before turning out the right way.


My top tip for this design is to add a firm interfacing to the 2 face fabric pieces. This helps give the head a nice rounded shape. My horns did create a ‘dip’ between them which would be less pronounced if interfaced. Also interfacing gives you a more stable backing to sew your eyes to – making them more secure.


I read the step about making the horns a few too many times. If you struggle at this step then here is my take on it.
Fold felt in half. Position pattern piece on a raw edge and trace. Sew along traced line. Trim excess close to stitching. Turn out right way.

The webbing I used to fuse the felt in place was a non-paper backed one that holds really well. After the cows spots were secure, I chose to run a line of normal stitching around the inner edge of each spot instead of the typical machine zig-zag or hand blanket-stitch. I find it faster and neater looking.

The long needle included in the small toys kit came in very handy when sewing his head to the body too!


I absolutely love the finished look of this little cutie. He has a great amount of detail, yet still easy and quick to make.

The Moo Moo will definitely be a go-to for baby gifts from now on. I’ll add little felt eyes with the safety eyes on top for the next one.

Love that this is another fat quarter project that uses so little fabric. I can see many of my fat quarters becoming more little Moo Moo’s to add to the herd!