The short version:
  • Who? I’m Jess – I do everything here! Photography, web design, sewing, blogging, sourcing supplies, packing kits and more. I have a bachelors in programming and have worked in the sewing pattern biz since 2013, formerly the designer behind one of the biggest indi pattern brands in the country.
  • What? I want to make your sewing time more fun and easy by taking the guess work out of sewing + craft projects by offering you only the best patterns and supplies all prepped and ready to make!
  • When? The OCD kicked off in 2018, with the e-shop going live in 2019.
  • Where? Australian Business based just outside Lismore NSW (Near Byron Bay).
  • Why? That’s a simple question – I’ve made a lot of ‘prototypes’. I know how frustrating it is wasting your time and fabric making something that you are not happy with. I also love giving gifts! It can seem hard to shop for creatives, so I hope the gift guide makes it easier for you to spoil others (or yourself). x
  • How? I test the patterns, create the kits, blog about the design and include all the helpful tips you need to make it great the first time. I also keep lots of great tools and supplies on hand for us both to enjoy.

A few snaps of my organised creative space, though it is continually evolving…

Easy - Efficient - Affordable

Keep it simple!

Easier said than done sometimes. With so many aspects of life getting more complex, I hope to take some of the stress out of your ‘Me time’. The designs offered here have all been tested and reviewed for your convenience. Make sure you check out the BLOG before you dive into your next project so you can spend all of your free time creating and not waste a minute of it with an unpicker. Grab a project kit so you don’t even have to shop around for all the bits you need to make it.

As an over-organiser, I do the budget, planning and scheduling for our busy household. One of the most frustrating things about some businesses are the ‘sales’. I always miss them! I don’t want to know an item was 25% off last week. I do want to know that what I am buying is a great price whenever I need it. This is why I don’t mark up to mark down like some businesses do.
Here you will find everything is cheaper than RRP all day, every day!

Local supplies from quality brands

I want you to feel confident that everything you buy from the Den is good quality. I personally open every item and check it as soon as it arrives here. If an item doesn’t meet my standards – I send it straight back to the supplier.

I personally cut and pack every single kit so I can see and touch every single item that I sell to you.

I also personally test & review each of the patterns. If there is anything I think would help you to make that pattern, I include those extra details when blogging the pattern review.

So, that’s me! I love sewing, love to organise and really love patterns!

If you have any questions, please email me using the mail icon floating on the right of your screen >>
– Jess