Need snaps? Press studs kits available to buy here at the den.

Kit includes a rainbow of colours to get you started, pliars, 2 die sizes and screw driver.

Just grab some interfacing here at the den and add your own chosen fabric.

These super easy square pouches are a great alternative to plastic. Keep your lunch box organised with a pouch full of your favourite nuts, crackers, home made biccies and other dry snacks.

They are also fabulous for other small items such as ladies sanitary items, keeping charging cables tidy, taking spare hair clips/ties in your swim/gym bag, keeping USB sticks safe, storing ventolin and other medical items and so much more…

General advice for use: Do not use to store any dairy or meat items. Wash regularly as needed. This varies depending on items stored in the bags. Wash on a cold cycle and line dry in the sun.

Suitable outer fabrics: Cotton/linen + med-heavy interfacing, denim, drill + light-medium interfacing.

Suitable inner fabrics: 100% cotton.

Finished size approx 13.5cm x 13.5cm.

Seam allowance 6mm.

Cut 1 rectangle of outer + 1 rectangle of inner fabric measuring 15cm wide and 33cm long. Add fusible interfacing to outer fabric using the recommendations above.

Place right sides together and sew across the top short edge.

turn out the right way and sew across this same end again to secure the edge.

For directional fabrics – print direction should be facing right way up below stitching.
Fold the lining fabric upward behind the sewn edge as shown.

Measure 13.5cm from the top of the joined end down to the folded edge of the lining fabric and press the fold here.

Fold the outer fabric up at the same fold line as the lining.
The two layers should align at the un-sewn short end with the sewn end encased inside.
Secure all layers together with clips or pins.
Ensure the two folds are parallel.
Sew through all layers around the 3 raw edges leaving a turning gap of 5cm in the middle at the top edge.
Trim the seam allowance from the top two corners at a 45 degree angle ensuring to stay 2mm from the stitching.
Turn out the right way and topstitch around the top closure flap, tucking the turning gap fabric inside. This closes the opening.

Fold the flap down and mark the snap position you prefer. (1-2 snaps or a strip of hook/loop tape can be used).

Pictured is 2.5cm in from the sides and 1.5cm up from the bottom edge of the flap.
Add studs to the flap and sockets to the pouch underneath.

Share your finished square pouch with us by using the hashtag #ocdsquarepouch