The brilliant thing about trying patterns from different designers is when you come across something refreshingly new!

If you havn’t seen a ROAR pattern before, you can check them out here >>

 My favourite features in the Surf Wallet pattern are:

  • The easy to access wide coin pocket – this point was made by hubby who has never used the coin pocket in his leather wallet because it was too difficult to get coins out of there. Totally making him a surf wallet for his next birthday!
  • The slim profile and overall size of the finished wallet – even my 8yr old found it easily fits in his shorts pockets.
  • Obviously, being a lover of FQ’s (fat quarters) I LOVE the fact that you can make the entire wallet from just 1 FQ. Though I love the look of contrast binding so I will be using 1/2 of 2 different FQ’s today.




The amount of detail in the diagrams is a big winner for me. Every single step of the instructions includes a very detailed illustration so you know exactly what to do.


I also found the included cutting tips page very useful. It covers cutting orientation to make the most of your fabric, DIY binding info and all the different suitable fabrics that can be used.


Another major bonus for me is how easy this one is to turn out the right way at the end, and there is NO hand sewing the turning hole closed. It is all cleverly enclosed with the final row of stitching.


I found the perfect fabric for a ‘Surf’ wallet. This FQ has rolling waves printed on it complete with whitewash foam like a real wave in the surf. I’m pairing it with a lighter blue that has a bubble look to it for contrast.

For this wallet, I’ve opted for the white SURF WALLET KIT available to buy here at the den.
The kit includes everything you need to make the wallet – except fabric/thread.

All you need to do is pick a FQ of fabric you like and pair it with a thread to match. 
These kits come in a range of fun colours that have matching hook/loop tape, zip and net + the interfacing you need.

Kits are sold separately to the pattern.
These wallets would make great party favours and quick birthday gifts. Handy to have a kit ready to sew.



Have a good look at the illustration at the top of the Cutting Guide page. If you want to make each section a different colour or you need to fussy-cut to ensure a picture ends up in a visible spot, then this page is what you need to look at to make sure you cut your best bits out the right way.


This is a quick sew, but save yourself some more time and use an 18mm binding tip to make your edge binding.

Alternatively follow the included ironing steps to make it manually or you can buy it (Does not need to be cut on the bias).


After turning out (near the end) check your soft side of hook & loop is nice and straight to the end edge. Worth turning inside out and straightening if it needs it. Your topstitching will look neater if it runs nice and parallel to the hook/loop.


Overall I love the finish of this pattern. The final product is neat and professional looking without being overly complicated at all. The instructions are very clear and easy to follow. If you read everything first, you should have no trouble putting a Surf Wallet together right the first go.

I do like the look of using two fabrics. One for the outer + binding. One for the inner pieces. Go for a high contrast to make those bound edges really pop!

Buy the pattern here >>

Buy the kit here >>