Clock kits available to buy here at the Den.

Kit includes clock mechanism, pine hoop and interfacing.


Just add your own fabric and trims.

When you can’t find that perfect clock to match a bedroom, nursery or your craft room – Make it yourself!

The DIY clock kit + your chosen fabric makes it quick and easy to create a clock to suit any room.

Check out the step by step ‘How-to’ below before you start.

1. Place the larger hoop on the provided interfacing and trace around the inner edge of the hoop. Repeat to mark 2 circles.

Cut out both circles, just inside the traced line. Place the shiny side of the interfacing against the wrong side of your fabric and press with a warm iron until it adheres.

Repeat with the second circle of interfacing on top of the first.

Cutout the fabric 5cm away from the interfacing.

2. Open the hoop adjusting screw and place the fabric between the two hoops as shown.
Tighten the screw a little as you check the circle is centrally positioned.
Tighten the screw more as you gently pull the overhanging fabric to tension it inside the hoop.

Once firm, trim excess fabric.

3. Measure across the middle of the hoop on multiple angles to find and mark the centre.

Place the black backing ring over the centre mark. Cut a hole that is just smaller than the ring.

Position this ring over the gold clock mechanism before the next step.

4. Add any decorative trims ensuring they will not interfere with the clock hands. Glue/hand stitch in place.

Push the clock mechanism through the centre hole. First slide the gold washer on, then tighten with the nut and push on each of the hands (they only fit one way so you can’t get it wrong).
Adjust them to the current time and install a AA battery in the back.
Hang by the black opening at the top of the clock mechanism and you are done!
Sounds easy? It really is! 
The best part? if you redecorate, you can just remove the fabric and start over!